Alumni Profiles

Class of 1982

Kathy (Lechtenberg) Schmidt

Since graduating from Sacred Heart, Kathy moved to California for 4 years.  When she returned to Maquoketa, she worked at Lechtenberg Dental for 11 years.  


She is now married with 3 children and is a preschool associate at Sacred Heart School.


Kathy loved the small class sizes and the close friendships she developed at Sacred Heart.  

Class of 1977

Doug Biehl

Doug began his advanced education at Iowa and majored in elementary education.  He was the P.E. teacher at Sacred Heart for a year and now is the manager of  Dairy Queeen in Maquoketa


Doug has 2 children.  He enjoys golfing, playing cards, and watching sports.


Doug has many fond memories of his friends and teachers at Sacred Heart.  While a student, he learned a lot of great values and work habits.  He stated, "I would never trade it for anything."

Dean Hepker

Dean always dreamed of being a great actor and participated in theater most of his adult life. He traveled to many cities in pursuit of this dream and made it to Hollywood!!   "Choosing a roof over my head and food to eat, I gave up the dream."  Dean now works as an ambassador (food server) at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Los Angeles, California.  "Funny - I actually entertain patients now - both adults AND children! So in some way, my dream has come true! I love my job and the patients I get to meet!! I AM VERY BLESSED!!


"I really LOVED growing up at Sacred Heart.  I will ALWAYS remember and cherish my innocent days at Sacred Heart."


"Thank you Sacred Heart for my faith!!!"